About BoomYEAH

BoomYEAH is a social learning platform or a new learning management system (LMS), owned by Village88, Inc. The platform was created to solve our own needs to train employees and off site contractors. We needed a simple and easy to use platform that allowed us to create interactive contents easily with to do lists, handouts, quizzes, videos, and interactive chats. After researching and using many training software, we found none that satisfied our needs and therefore created our own platform from scratch.

Since its inception in 2011, we have refined our platform to handle different aspects of online training and in early 2012 launched a programming community that now teaches several thousand users around the world how to code. Our users love the learning platform and spend significant amount of time not only learning but also perform functions such as reviewing handouts, checking to-dos, taking quizzes, uploading assignment and interacting with instructors and other students all within the applications.

Our mission is to empower trainers and educators in the world to easily create training courses and teach millions using our platform. Doing this, we feel that we can reach our vision of making quality education accessible around the world.

Team That Created BoomYEAH

  • Michael

    Michael Choi, Founder/CEO

    Michael is a serial entrepreneur who has a passion for teaching and creating simple intuitive products. The learning platform of BoomYEAH was built, by the software engineers he recruited and trained, with the goal to create a simple intuitive software that encourages collaboration and interactions. Prior to founding Village88, Michael founded multiple startups. He was a member of the founding team of a real estate SaaS business in San Diego where the team grew the business from zero to $6M in annual revenue in less than 3 years. Michael received a Master's degree in Engineering from CalTech and currently lives in Silicon Valley.

  • Mark

    Mark Abi Jireh Guillen, Product Lead

    Mark graduated with a degree in IT prior to joining Village88. He finished our software engineering training in record time and currently leads the development of our learning platform. He is a fast learner and his codes are simple, clean, and even beautiful!

  • Jadee

    Jan Dreau Ganggangan, User Interface Designer

    Jadee is an extremely talented designer and is a master of Javascript, HTML, and CSS. He has built several games using Javascript recently and is known to build simple and elegant design and user interfaces.

  • Christopher

    Christopher Jon-Jon Padua, Engineer

    Christopher has great people skills and is a hard worker. He is talented on both front-end and back-end development and currently is working on various internal and external projects. He lives 1 block away from a beautiful beach in the Philippines.

  • Kristine

    Kristine Tonel, Engineer

    Kristine graduated with a degree in Computer Science. Since her degree, she has worked in several companies fulfilling multiple roles as a manager, leader, and a trainer before joining Village88 as a full-time software engineer. She is heavily involved in her community helping children exposed to abuse and poverty.

  • Diana

    Diana Sue Manlulu, Executive Assistant

    Diana was one of the first to join Village88. She handles multiple responsibilities within Village88 and also leads our HR efforts. She lives in the beautiful city of Davao, Philippines and is a mother of 1 daughter.

  • Joyce

    Joyce Musni Jamon, Marketing

    Joyce was the first on-the-job trainee of the village. She handles HR and marketing-related tasks.

  • Ariel

    Ariel Lascota, Engineer

    Ariel was the first certified student of Village88 Learning Center. He led the Student Body Organization in their school before. This experience gave him opportunity to enhance his leadership skills. He is a fast learner and his backend codes are clean as well. He is near in completing Village88 intensive training and will, eventually, jump in to working on real projects.

  • Mikee

    Michael Buyco, Engineer

    Mikee is a mountain climber. He enjoys exploring and being with nature. His adventurous character has also been evident career-wise as he enters the field of web development. Mikey is a fast-learner and is good with both front-end and back-end programming.

  • Noah

    Noah Jerreel Guillen, Engineer

    Noah recently joined the team and his brother, Mark, in Village88. He loves to play basketball. During his free time, he would either be in the basketball court or infront of his computer doing some programming. Noah is passionate in learning and has been performing well in his training as a Software Engineer.

  • Oliver

    John Oliver Rosales, Engineer

    Prior to joing the team, Oliver was one of the students who got the Village88 Certifications in HTML/CSS and JQuery/jQueryUI/Ajax. He is passionate about programming and on mentoring people. His family owned an internet cafe that he used to manage before becoming a Software Engineer in Village88.